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If you are looking for sound advice...

"In a world where insurance and financial services are increasingly complex and impersonal, we want to offer you effective, responsible advice and personalized service."
Sylvain Roy

B.COM., C.I.B.
18 years of experience,
15 of them at
Roy assurance

 "We like to build relationships with our clients - strong relationships, based on trust and mutual understanding."
Daniel Roy
Chartered Insurance Broker, with
Roy assurance for 21 years

Our world is evolving at a hectic pace, and the insurance and financial services sectors are no exceptions.  

Consumers are bombarded with ads for a variety of products, which don't necessarily meet everyone's needs. After all, just because an ad for a product is effective doesn't mean that the product is necessarily adapted to your needs.

Plus, some people like to shop around, which is easy to understand. However not only is it important to compare truly equivalent products, but one should be aware that there is often a price to pay for buying less expensive products. Unfortunately, we often find out about this when it is too late.

You'll appreciate our value-added services

Taking insurance as an example, no policy protects you from everything. No contract can ward off every eventuality. Of course, some policies offer greater coverage than others, but there are always exclusions.

The same applies to financial services, where advertising is increasingly common. How is one to know what truly applies to his or her situation?

The solution is to look into these questions with a professional who sifts through this kind of information on a daily basis. This way, you can make a fully informed decision.

This is our role and it is the source of the added value of Roy assurance damage insurance and financial services firm.